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Best features of Mobile, CRM and marketing tools seamlessly combined

Triapplo is a unique and innovative cloud service toolbox that helps businesses create and maintain powerful digital loyalty programs and influence customers via their various smart devices.

An integrated solution for multichannel messaging, insight gathering, and statistics/analytics combined with a powerful CRM and ERP suite.

A real-time channel of understanding and influence.

Triapplo Mobile establishes a private dialogue with your customers

A hassle free digital member card that raises the value of commercial communications from mere advertising to a personalized service – all without taking valuable space from your physical wallet.

Only the most relevant content and behavior changing benefits – delivered to the users pocket at the right time.

Key features

  • Serve your customers with digital benefit coupons for rapid interactions.
  • Monthly deals for loyal customers to fall in love with your brand, over and over again.
  • Multiple membership levels let you effortlessly reward customers based on your loyalty program.
  • Native mobile shop - The future of mCommerce. Sell physical items inside the application.
  • Keep your customer database up-to-date with My Profile for customers.

Business values

  • Attract new customers in a interesting new way.
  • Targeted approach based on membership levels, location or interest.
  • No media fees for the delivery of real-time push messages.
  • Promotion of products, services & events with measurable results.
  • Reward your customers as they interact with your brand.
  • Create and maintain relevant relationships.

Powering companies with intelligence in communications

In today’s global marketplace it’s essential to create, drive, maintain and enhance customer relationships and loyalty even in the most challenging markets. Triapplo Web makes this possible with a series of smart innovative tools that allow you to communicate directly with your consumer while monitoring and affecting consumer behaviour.

Efficiently operate marketing strategies, follow up on your communications through powerful analytics and engage additional revenue possibilities with Triapplo Web.

Key features

  • Extremely powerful and rich messaging through native mobile, HTML-email, and SMS.
  • Internal tools that support all marketing communication, event planning and execution activities: calendars, tasking, notice boards
  • Visualized customer databases that ease the workdays with an intuitive user interface.
  • Manage your own digital loyalty application from anywhere.
  • Analytics and statistics to give you facts on your decisions.

Business values

  • Efficient data gathering. Recruit members, collect registrations and build brand interaction history.
  • Accessible & intuitive. Configure and manage with standard web browsers. Compatible with all smart devices.
  • Versatile API. Publish calendar events, register customers, RSVP to invitations and manage customer profiles on website and social media platform’s.
  • Ready to deploy quickly. Get up and running in no time with the help of our professionals.
  • Only pay for features you need and choose to use.